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PoppiesPlus-Poppie Pods Grown Organically-
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Poppy Pods -Tasmanian, Burma Giants, China White, Raja, Giganteum, China Blue, China Red, Hens and Chicks
Organic Varietal Seed, Poppy Art-Gold Jewelry, Hand Pulled Prints, Paintings and Photographs, Cat Toys, and more-

Organic Varietal Poppy Seed, and Artworks, and Cat Toys
The few pods we have available are for floral artists only, They are not to be used for any other purpose.
We grow Seed to Sell for Flower Gardeners-True Varietal Seed
Please do not ask us about uses, The net has all the Worlds information

There are no refunds on any purchases

We  accept USPS postal money only
Poppies Plus

We are PoppiesPlus.com , We have been Organically growing Poppy Pods for the past 26 years in Southern Oregon, before that as a hobby for more than 60 years.  Seeds have been collected from world travels, friends, and gifts from those abroad and from Big Pharma itself. The Tasmanian, China Whites, Raja Poppy varieties are what we primarily grow each year.  Tasmanian's are the most popular, and we grow 3 types of Tasmanian poppies.

We also grow Organic Wine Grapes-Merlot and Cabernet Savignon, the wines can be purchased from  www.chateaulorane.com  
Poppys are grown down the row centers, and in two fields-The poppies in their growing-green stage give off an Alkaloid Gas that prevents mildew in the vineyards.

We are dedicated to producing the finest Poppie Pods.
Tasmanian, China Whites, Brma Giants, Hens and Chicks. An emphasis on producing Pod shapes, Size, Length, Color, for Floral Crafts.  We grow them organically, It is an extreme amount of work to grow poppyies.
Resellers  import container loads of turkish bread seed pods from Holland, sorting them to look like various varieties-caution, these imports often contain rat poison and defoliants, and can be radioactive, basic reasons imports were outlawed.

Priced by the each, fast priority shipping with delivery confirmation, barring extreme weather due to our remote location.

Poppies historically have been used for not just decoration, but teas, tinctures, and other uses for the past 3400 years or longer.  Poppie pods contain  a number of  sticky Alkaloids designed to trap and kill bugs. All plants have defensive mechanisms, after all,  animals, humans and mammals are not alone in protecting their offspring. the Cocoa plant, where our chocolate comes from, contains a bitter tasting alkaloid called theobromine, present in both cocao nibs and very dark chocolate, the bitter taste prevents animals and birds from eating the tasty chocolate beans.

The internet has endless information on Poppies, please use it.

Our Tasmanian poppy pods have been the most popular, and are the most work to grow, plants may produce only one pod per plant.
Thomas Jefferson grew poppies to use for pain relief, as there was no common over the counter pain relievers like aspirin. The so called Opium Poppies do not contain any form of opium, that was a British ploy in their plan to take over  China. A term coined in 1856 by a German Scientist, calling the chemical compounds in poppies as raw opium, may have been the source of the term.

We only sell field dried poppie pods with the seeds removed.

We sell seeds, and replant them year after year, need seeds?, We sell 46 varietys of seeds.

When poppies receive more than adequate water and Nitrogen, spotting, staining of pods happens, stems sometimes streak of black sap when the plant is attacked by bugs, this is often confused with mold which does not grow on pods.

Flowering is of short duration,  just one day for such beautiful blossoms, often dinner plate sized blossoms, pods grow rapidly after the blossoms fall off and if there were enough bees for pollination, the pods fill with seed

We grow only a few varietys year to year to limit cross pollination-

  • Tasmanian, Burma Giants, China white, China Blue, Raja, Persians, Pinks, Netherlands, China Reds, Hens, Hens and Chicks, Giganteums, Afganis, more.
  • Your satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Shipped  USPS Priority,  $8.75 per order-Priority Shipping. USPS in Southern Oregon is closed Saturday/Sunday, No Express Mail in Oregon
  • We accept  Postal (USPS) Money Orders only 
  • We pack and ship within 2 days normally, although town trips are 33 miles to the post office, orders sent priority with tracking.
  • Poppy Pods are grown by us on High Nitrogen, Lime, Horse manure, Organic nutients-Intended for Floral Crafters only.


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